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What Are You Doing in the Cloud? Discover Three Emerging Trends That Should Drive Your Cloud-Based Solution.

Everyone is moving to the cloud for backup and recovery. But to make the cloud really work for you and your organization, you need to know how to use the cloud, how to choose the cloud, and how to lose that obsolete, hard-to-use management interface.

Take a fast-paced one-hour tour through the hottest trends in cloud backup and recovery. 

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About Our Speakers

Arleen Urquhart is an EVault product marketing manager, the leader in cloud-connected backup and recovery. Arleen has held technology, solution and channel marketing roles with such leaders as Oracle, Veritas, Symantec, and Siemens Nixdorf. During the first boom, she was the marketing director for a B2B portal that helped customers source IT software and service solutions.


Jason Earley is an EVault sales engineer. He helps design solutions to meet customers’ data backup and disaster recovery needs. Prior to his current position, he managed the Cloud Disaster Recovery team for EVault. This team recovers customers’ environments to the cloud, allowing customers to remotely connect to their servers and applications even if their production site is down. Jason served 10 years in the United States Air Force with increasing levels of responsibility for computer operations, including messaging and systems administration for 6,000 users. Jason has also served as a senior engineer and supervisor for the EVault support team. He holds a master's of biotechnology management degree.

  • Trend #1: Customized system architecture. We’ll evaluate the three system architectures you need to understand and determine which is best for you based on your mission-critical data protection and recovery time objectives (RTOs).
  • Trend #2: The purpose-built cloud. We’ll explore why not all clouds are alike and what you must know when you move your sensitive data to the cloud.
  • Trend #3: Social management. We’ll address how social media are simplifying day-to-day system management and how to find a solution that corresponds to the way you communicate today. 

Join our cloud experts, Arleen Urquhart and Jason Earley, and find out how to make the right decisions when it comes to building the cloud-based backup and recovery solution that saves your data and your butt.

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